Saturday, May 31, 2014

Clara Lucille Steele (1902-1993)

Clara Lucille Steele was born on September 23, 1902 in Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana.

She was the third child born to the marriage of Isham Alfonso "Al" Steele and Mary Virginia "Mollie" Blackman.

She was a sister to Edna who died in infancy, Mary Allye and Lena Juanita "Nita" Steele.

On June 17, 1921, Lucille married John Wesley "Wes" Ogden, Jr. in Sicily Island.

Wes was born in Clarion, Pennsylvania on April 10, 1894 to the marriage of John Wesley Ogden, Sr. and Sarah Ellen Shaw.

Al Steele gave Lucille the nickname of 'Dick' when she was just a young girl. Close friends and extended family members knew her as Dick all of her life. Even with a boy's nickname, she was one of the most lady-like women I have ever known.

Her overwhelming love for family extended to friends and neighbors.  One of my favorite memories was the sight of 'Aunt Dick' and her friends sitting in her front yard enjoying their daily visits.

Following the 1972 death of her brother-in-law, Bruce Edmonds, Lucille was appointed to fill his position as the School Board member for Ward One, Sicily Island.  She continued to hold this office through 1978.

Clara Lucille "Dick" Steele Ogden died on February 1, 1993.  John Wesley "Wes" Ogden died on February 9, 1952.  Both are buried in the Old Pine Hill Cemetery in Sicily Island.

The following children were born to the marriage of Lucille and Wes:

Sarah Virginia, 1922-2006 (m. Charles Spann Caston, Jr., 1916-2000)

Evelyn Steele, 1926-2003 (m. Robert "Bob" Stanton Rife, Jr., 1920-2006)

(LtoR) Charles Caston, Sarah Virginia Caston, Ann Caston, Lucille, Charles Wesley, Evelyn Steele Rife, John Rife, Bob Rife and Stan Rife. 

Sibling Saturday ~ Allye and Lucille Steele

Daughters of
Isham Alfonso "I. A." Steele and Mary Virginia "Mollie" Blackman

Friday, May 30, 2014

Hampton Steele Organizes Native Sons of Texas

Portal to Texas History

An excerpt from a speech delivered on Steele Day at Joe Johnston Camp by Hampton Steele as it appeared in the August 27, 1923 edition of the Mexia Daily News in Mexia, Texas:

"Myself, the oldest son of the last survivor of the battle of San Jacinto and his grandson and his great grandson have procured a charter from the State of Texas to organize the Native Sons of Texas in a grand organization in memory of Fannin's men who were slaughtered on the plains of Goliad! and, in memory of Sam Houston and his brave army who gained our independence on the plains of San Jacinto! and in memory of our father whose blood was spilt on San Jacinto's plains for the liberties of Texas! in memory of the old pioneers and the little boys and girls who went to the front and drove the Indians back for civilization to follow."
"That's what we want to organize the Native Sons of Texas for. To perpetuate those memories to hand it down to future generations.  Our plan that we have laid out for the future when we get funds enough is to buy a piece of land somewhere in the State and make a park and we will call it Steele Park and home and we will dedicate it to the Native Sons of Texas for all time to come."

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday ~ Holy Land Cross

This cross was brought back from the Holy Land in the Spring of 1977 by Rev. W. B. Pigotte of the Prentiss Methodist Church in Prentiss, Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi.  
It was given to my maternal grandmother, Flora Jane McIver Bynum who was a member of the Prentiss Baptist Church.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lena Rhoda Steele (1877-1960)

Lena Rhoda Steele was born on December 22, 1877 in Limestone County, Texas.

She was the sixth child born to the marriage of Francis Marion "Frank" Steele and Lucinda Chisum.

Lena's siblings included the following four sisters and one brother:

Lydia Frances
Louella "Ella"
Isham Alfonso
Mary Allye

1880 U. S. Census

Lena married James A. "Jim" McLelland circa 1895 in Limestone County, Texas.  Jim was born on October 23, 1870.

After their marriage, Jim and Lena made their home in Limestone County before moving to Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana prior to 1910.  

Lena wanted to move to Sicily Island to be closer to her brother, Isham Alfonso, who had moved there about twelve years earlier.  Jim was content to stay in Texas.

The story goes that Lena told Jim she was moving to Sicily Island whether he moved with her or not.  Jim remained adamant that he was not moving but Lena would not yield.  She packed up her belongings and asked Jim to take her by wagon to the train station.  

Jim, believing she would not go through with her plans, agreed to take her to catch the train.  Lena's belongings were loaded on the train and at the very last minute, Jim jumped aboard with nothing but the clothes on his back.

Over the years, Lena would often tell this story and Jim would only smile; never denying the circumstances under which he ended up in Louisiana.

Lena seated on the left
McLelland House - 2010
James A. "Jim" McLelland died on February 23, 1955.  Lena Rhoda Steele McLelland died on October 6, 1960.  Both are buried in the Old Pine Hill Cemetery in Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana.

Monroe News Star - 2/24/1955
Monroe Morning World - 10/8/1960

Mary Allye "Madie" Steele (1872-1961)

Mary Allye "Madie" Steele was born on March 28, 1872 in Limestone County, Texas.

She was the fifth child born to the marriage of Francis Marion "Frank" Steele and Lucinda Chisum.

Madie's siblings included the following four sisters and one brother:

Lydia Frances
Louella "Ella"
Isham Alfonso
Lena Rhoda

1880 U. S. census
On February 22, 1888 Madie married Henry Robert Eaton who was born in Limestone County on December 12, 1864.  Henry was the son of Silas and Mary Watson Eaton.

Madie and Henry had one child, a son named Aubrey Glen who was born on November 17, 1896.  The 1900-1920 U. S. census records show the family living in Justice Precinct 8 of Limestone County.



Henry Robert Eaton died on December 17, 1932.  The 1940 U. S. Census shows Madie's marital status as widowed.

Mary Allye "Madie" Steele Eaton died on July 5, 1961.  She is buried alongside her husband in the Thornton Cemetery in Thornton, Limestone County, Texas.  Tombstone photograph was taken by FindAGrave member, couchpotato.

Mary Allye "Madie" Steele Eaton was my great grand aunt through her brother, Isham Alfonso Steele, who was my great grandfather.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Robert Earl Bynum

Robert Earl Bynum

Born on January 27, 1902

Son of
James Benjamin Bynum and Annie Jane Sumrall

Brother to
John Buel, Minnie Frances, Narvel Houston, Thomas Terrell, Bertha Rebecca, 
Annie Roberta "Bertie", Bessie Lee Anna, Nancy Arella, Daniel Gordon, 
Howard Ben, Margaret Evelyn and Mary Lois Bynum

Husband of
Nellie May Redmond

Father to
Nellie Kathleen, Infant Son and Dorothy Ann Bynum

Died on April 8, 1950
Buried in the Mt. Olive Cemetery
Mt. Olive, Covington County, Mississippi

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday's Obituary ~ James Thomas Edmonds, Sr.

Monroe News Star - 2/18/1958

James Thomas Edmonds, Sr.

Born on June 7, 1898

Son of
William Newell Edmonds and Laura Smith

Brother to
Mary T., William Adonis, Willis Powell, Samuel Jackson,
Fannie Pearl, Paul, Silas, Alphonso Hilliard, Charles Douglas,
Bruce and Martha Rebecca Edmonds

Husband of
Minnie Anding
Jessie Mae R.

Father to
James Thomas, Jr., Charles William and Shirley Ann Edmonds

Died on February 18, 1958
Buried in the Hasley Cemetery
West Monroe, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana

Tombstone photograph was taken by FindAGrave member, Sharon Ray.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday's Faces From the Past ~ Bynum Sisters

Johnnie Louise and Mildred Annette Bynum

Daughters of
John Buel Bynum and Flora Jane McIver

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday ~ A Son Remembers

This small creamer belonged to my paternal grandmother, Mary Allye Steele Edmonds.  She was known to have many such 'what-nots' displayed on shelves throughout her home.
The dating of this creamer is unknown at this time.  However, my father, who was born in 1927, remembered seeing it when he was a very young child.  He remembered being quite fascinated with the scene on the front of the creamer.
When his mother passed away in 1969, the little creamer found its new home on a shelf in the Old Steele House where I grew up.

This treasure once again has a new home.  Today, it sits on the fireplace mantle in my home.  It serves as a reminder of my father's childhood fascination.  A fascination which I now share.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wedding Wednesday ~ Smith Golden Anniversary

From the September 30, 1936 edition of the Monroe News Star in Monroe, Louisiana:

Francis Marion "Frank" Smith was the son of James Luther and Henrietta D, Smith of Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana.

On September 19, 1886, Frank Smith married Nettie Watson in Franklin Parish, Louisiana.

Nettie S. Watson was the daughter of Elias W. and Sarah Ann Mathis Watson of Harrisonburg, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana.

Frank Smith was a brother to my great great grandmother, Virginia Jane "Jennie" Smith Blackman.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Aurelia Bynum Lott

Aurelia "Rilla" Margaret Bynum Lott

Born on June 9, 1867

Daughter of
Prentice Montgomery Bynum and Frances C. Welch

Sister to
Mollie, Ben, Ida, Buford, John Franklin, Felix, Charity,
Robert, Willard and Nannie Nita Bynum

Wife of
Clinton Lott

Mother to
Prentice Everett, Thomas D., Mary Frances, 
William Estus,Infant Son and Nancy Willard Lott

Died on January 28, 1942
Buried in the Military Baptist Church Cemetery
Lamar County, Mississippi

A Visit to the Dan Sumrall Historic Cemetery

The Dan Sumrall Cemetery is located in Sumrall, Lamar County, Mississippi. On a recent trip to the area, my daughter and I visited the cemetery to view the tombstones and pay our respects to ancestors long since passed.

Two of those ancestors were my maternal great-great grandparents, Daniel Sumrall and Mary Rebecca "Becky" Pouncey.  The town and this small historic cemetery were named after Daniel Sumrall.

From an earlier post...

On December 3, 1868, Daniel Sumrall married Mary Rebecca Pouncey.  Dan and Becky settled in a portion of Marion County that later became Lamar County.
Prior to 1874, Dan purchased a grist mill, cotton gin and farm belonging to Arthur Lott.  He later added a store and established the Sumrall post office in the store.
When the community incorporated there was opposition to naming the community and post office Sumrall due to Dan's service in the Union Army.
The Post Master General refused to change the name of the post office and issued Order 48 in 1892 stating that the name of post offices should be the same as the towns and railway stations to prevent confusion in mail delivery.  In 1903, the incorporated community was named Sumrall.
Children born to the marriage of Daniel Sumrall and Mary Rebecca "Becky" Pouncey were:

William Thomas "Tom", 1869-1938; m. Sarah Minnie Bryant, 1866-1948

Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie", 1871-1910 

Frances C. "Fanny", 1873-1934; m. Allen M. Patterson, 1872-1934

Annie Jane, 1876-1950; m. James Benjamin Bynum, 1875-1941

Mary Margaret "Maggie", 1879-1940; m. Sheppard H. Herrin, 1875-1945

Daniel Peter "Pete", 1881-1892

Lilly L., 1883-1903; m. Palmer "Plumer" Herrin, 1877-1904

Berry Erastus "Raz", 1885-1901

Earl Bethea, 1888-1959; m. Nancy Almeda "Nannie" Rutland, 1893-1979

Hattie, 1891-1961; m. Yates H. Watkins, 1878-1962

Addie, 1893-1985; m. Wiley William King, 1891-1943

Allie Mae, 1896-1984; m. Louis Robertson, 1891-1968

All but Tom, Annie, Maggie and Earl are buried in the Dan Sumrall Historic Cemetery.

Daniel and Becky Pouncey Sumrall
Daniel Sumrall Military Marker

Mary Elizabeth Sumrall

Frances C, "Fanny" Sumrall Patterson

Daniel P. Sumrall

Lilly Sumrall Herrin

Berry Erastus "Raz" Sumrall

Hattie Sumrall Watkins

Addie Sumrall King

Allie Mae Sumrall Robertson