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Sunday's Obituary - Bertha Bynum Odom

Hattiesburg American - 2/25/1970

Bertha Rebecca Bynum Odom was the daughter of James Benjamin "Ben" Bynum and Annie Jane Sumrall.  She was a sister to my maternal grandfather, John Buel Bynum.

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Surname Saturday - Walling

Various spellings of the Walling surname include Wallen, Walden and Wallin. The English surname is derived from the Anglo-Saxon name "Weal" which means foreigner.

My first documented Walling ancestor is Thomas Walling who was born circa 1627.  He first married Mary Abbott in 1651 and later married Margaret White Colwell circa 1669.  Thomas Walling died on July 19, 1674 in Providence, Rhode Island.  My lineage is through his first marriage to Mary Abbott.

The marriage of Thomas and Mary's son, Thomas2, is also listed

While I have no documentation of Thomas' parentage, it is believed by many family historians that his parents were Ralph and Joyce Wallen who arrived at Plymouth Colony in 1623 on the ship "Anne" which sailed from England.

In 'Elisha Wallen:  The Longhunter', author Carolyn D. Wallen notes the following with regards to Thomas Walling's will:
Thomas Walling died in November of 1676 in Providence.  His will was written in 7-19-1674 and proven in court on 11-22-1674.  In the will he mentioned his wife Margaret, sons Thomas (II), John, William, James, Cornelius, Gershom and daughter Abigail.  
"To sons Thomas, John and William, farm which I now dwell upon, equally, as each arrives at age, the dwelling house to be for son William, and his share of land to be adjoining house with orchard included.  The farm not to be sold except among brethren, that is to say Thomas, John, James, William and Cornelius.  To son James, land at age.  To son Cornelius, land on west side of Seven Mile Line, and if James and Cornelius died without issue, their part to brothers.  If there be more divisions than one of land west of Seven Mile Line, then my right in second division to son Gershom, and to him 10 shilling.  To daughter Abigail Walling, 5 shilling.  To wife Margaret, all movable goods and cattle and benefit of all the land to bring up children.  To her also the disposing of the dwelling house, till William comes of age at which time he to take half the land and housing, and other half to be for wife Margaret till her marriage or death, and then to William."
Thomas Walling2 was born on February 8, 1669 in Providence, Rhode Island. He married Sarah Elwell in 1695.  Thomas died in Cohansey, New Jersey on October 22, 1724 and Sarah died circa 1724.

Elisha Walling, Sr.,son of Thomas2 and Sarah, was born circa 1708 in Cohansey, New Jersey.  He married Mary Blevins circa 1730.  Elisha, Sr. and Mary's children were Joseph, Thomas, Elisha, Jr., James and John.  *Note:  It is Elisha Walling, Jr. who was the Longhunter in the above mentioned book.

My Walling lineage continues through Elisha Walling's son James who married Mary White Pugh.  Their children were Elizabeth*, James, Jr., Joseph, John, Sr., Thomas and Manning.

John Walling, Sr. was born circa 1775 in Virginia.  He married Anna Chisum circa 1793.  Anna was born circa 1777 to the marriage of John Chisum3 and Margaret Chisum.  John and Anna's children were Jesse, James, John, Thomas Jefferson, Sentha/Cynthia Ann and Alfred Gaines.

Mary Polly 
James Walling, son of John and Anna, was born in Virginia then later moved to Mississippi where he met and married Martha Hamlin in 1820.  By 1840, they had moved to Texas with their children; Mary Polly, Lucinda, Vance, Ann, Elizabeth, Martha, James, Jr., and Sarah.

Mary Polly Walling married Isham Russell Chisum, Sr. on May 21, 1840 in Nacogdoches, Texas.

Isham Russell Chisum, Sr. was the son of Elijah Kaufman Chisum (1773-1860) and Elizabeth Walling (1768-1841)* who was the daughter of James and Mary Pugh Walling mentioned above.

Mary Polly and Isham Russell Chisum's children were James Madison "Jim", Martha, Mary Emily, Lucinda, Frances "Fannie", Amanda Laura, Isham Russell, Jr., Thomas Jefferson, Rhoda, John and William.

Mary Polly Walling and Isham Russell Chisum are my paternal 3great grandparents through their daughter, Lucinda Chisum Steele.

Through the marriage of Mary Polly Walling and Isham Russell Chisum, I have double kinship in the Walling lineage.

Mary Polly Walling's grandfather, John Walling, Sr. (1775-1841) was a brother to Elizabeth Walling (1768-1841) who was also Isham Russell Chisum's mother.

John Walling, Sr. (1775-1841) is my 5great grandfather through Mary Polly Walling.  He is also my 4great grand uncle through Isham Russell Chisum.

My Walling lineage through my 3great grandmother Mary Polly:

Thomas Walling1 (m. Mary Abbott)
+Thomas Walling2, 1669-1724 (m. Sarah Elwell, 1676-1724)
++Elisha Walling, 1708-1785 (m. Mary Blevins, 1710-1783)
+++James Walling, 1746-1786 (m. Mary White Pugh, ca.1748-?)
++++John Walling, Sr., 1775-1841 (Anna Chisum, ca. 1777-1842)
+++++James Walling, Sr., 1795-1867 (Martha Hamlin, ca. 1796-1852)
++++++Mary Polly Walling, 1820-1891 (m. Isham Russell Chisum, 1812-1861)
+++++++Lucinda Chisum, 1846-1897 (m. Francis Marion Steele, 1847-1883)
++++++++Isham A. Steele, 1870-1934 (m. Mary V. Blackman, 1876-1945)
+++++++++Mary Allye Steele, 1900-1969 (m. Bruce Edmonds, 1904-1974)
++++++++++Bruce A. Edmonds, 1927-2002 (m. Mildred Bynum, 1926-2012)

My Walling lineage through my 3great grandfather Isham R. Chisum:

Thomas Walling1 (m. Mary Abbott)
+Thomas Walling2 (m. Sarah Elwell)
++Elisha Walling (m. Mary Blevins)
+++James Walling (m. Mary White Pugh)
++++Elizabeth Walling (m. Elijah Kaufman Chisum)
+++++Isham Russell Chisum (m. Mary Polly Walling)
++++++Lucinda Chisum (m. Francis Marion "Frank" Steele)
+++++++Isham Alfonso Steele (m. Mary Virginia Blackman)
++++++++Mary Allye Steele (m. Bruce Edmonds)
+++++++++Bruce Alfonso Edmonds (m. Mildred Bynum)

As if the Walling double kinship wasn't confusing enough, I also have double kinship with John Walling, Sr.'s wife, Anna Chisum.  Anna was the sister of Elijah Kaufman Chisum.  (Walling siblings married Chisum siblings)

Also of note are Anna's parents, John Chisum3 (1732-1806) and Margaret Chisum (1750-1798).   John and Margaret's great-great grandfathers were brothers.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Surname Saturday - Chisum

According to author Clifford R. Caldwell in his book, 'John Simpson Chisum: Cattle King of the Pecos Revisited', the Chisum surname originated in the parish of Roberton, Roxburghshire, England.  The different spelling variations include Cheesome, Chisholm, Chissolm, Chisholme, Chism, Chisolm, Chisum and Chissum.

In tracing my Chisum lineage, I discovered that Richard Cheesome was most likely my first ancestor to arrive in America.  Richard was born circa 1613 in London and arrived in America in 1643.

Family historians believe that Richard Cheesome married Margaret Isham.  The Isham surname has been passed down through the generations, lending credence to this belief.

My connection to this line of Chisums is through Richard and Margaret's son, James Chisholm (ca. 1657-ca. 1698) and his wife, Anne Carter (ca. 1657-ca. 1684).

My lineage is as follows:

Richard Cheesome (m. Margaret Isham)
+James Chisholm (m. Anne Carter)
++John Chisum, 1681-ca. 1734 (m. Elizabeth Bradley, ca. 1683-ca. 1777)
+++John Chisum, 1704-1792 (m. Ellender Gillentine, 1716-1804)
++++John Chisum, 1732-1806 (m. Margaret Chisum, ca. 1750-1798)*
+++++Elijah Kaufman Chisum, 1773-1860 (m. Elizabeth Walling, 1768-1841)*
++++++Isham Russell Chisum, 1812-1861 (m. Mary Polly Walling, 1820-1891)*
+++++++Lucinda Chisum, 1846-1897 (m. Francis Marion Steele, 1847-1883)
++++++++Isham Alfonso Steele, 1870-1934 (m. Mary Blackman, 1876-1945)
+++++++++Mary Allye Steele, 1900-1969 (m. Bruce Edmonds, 1904-1974)
++++++++++Bruce A. Edmonds, 1927-2002 (m. Mildred Bynum, 1926-2012)


Margaret Chisum is believed to have been the great, great granddaughter of Richard Cheesome and Margaret Isham through their other son, William (ca. 1650-ca. 1697); grandson, Alexander (ca. 1677-?); great grandson, William (ca. 1722-ca. 1792) and his wife, Deborah Cooke (ca. 1723-ca. 1762).

Elizabeth Walling was a sister to Mary Polly Walling's grandfather, John Walling Sr.

Elizabeth Walling was my 4th great grandmother through her son Isham Russell Chisum.

John Walling, Sr. was my 5th great grandfather through his granddaughter Mary Polly Walling.

The connections within the Chisum and Walling families are many.  I will attempt to address my Walling line in a future post.

Historical Southern Families, Vol. XVII
John Simpson Chisum: Cattle King of the Pecos Revisited, Clifford R. Caldwell

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday - Mary Ann Steele Bennett

Mary Ann Steele

Born on February 4, 1854

Daughter of
Alfonso Parcutt Steele and Mary Ann Powell

Sister to
Hampton, Alonzo Leo, Alvarado "Rado", Francis Marion "Frank",
Leonard and Missouri Alice

Wife of
George Townsend Bennett

Mother to
James, Eveleen, Frederick, Roy and Harvey

Died on June 21, 1940
Buried in the Mexia City Cemetery
Mexia, Limestone County, Texas

Mary Ann Steele Bennett was my 2nd great grand aunt through her brother, Francis Marion "Frank", who was my paternal great, great grandfather.

Tombstone photograph was taken by FindAGrave member, James Coston.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday's Obituary - Bertha Bynum Odom

Hattiesburg American - 2/25/1970

Bertha Rebecca Bynum Odom was the daughter of James Benjamin Bynum and Annie Jane Sumrall.  She was also a sister to my maternal grandfather, John Buel Bynum.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tombstone Tueday - Mary Matilda Bynum

Mary Matilda "Mollie" Bynum

Born on July 4, 1870

Daughter of
Prentice Montgomery Bynum and Frances Welch

Sister to
Aurelia, Ben, Ida, Buford, John Franklin, Felix, Charity,
Robert, Willard and Nannie Nita

Wife of
Simeon "Sim" Herrin

Mother to
Fannie, Ida, Ora, Lucy, Sallie, Prent and Buford

Died on March 13, 1928
Buried in the New Hope Cemetery
Sanford, Covington County, Mississippi

Tombstone photograph was taken by FindAGrave member, Natalie Maynor.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Mappy Monday - James Benjamin Bynum Land

On June 8, 1901 James Benjamin "Ben" Bynum purchased 157.54 acres of land in Lamar County, Mississippi.  The land was located south of Sumrall in Township #5, Range #15.

Bureau of Land Management

Ben Bynum was twenty-six years old when he purchased this acreage.  By 1901, four of thirteen children had already been born to Ben and Annie Jane Sumrall Bynum.  Their oldest son, John Buel, was my maternal grandfather.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday's Obituary - Narvel Houston Bynum

Hattiesburg American - 3/31/1952

Narvel Houston Bynum was a brother to my maternal grandfather, John Buel Bynum.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Blackman and Steele

Al and Mollie Blackman Steele with daughters Allye and Lucille

Marriage Date:  April 13, 1898

Isham Alfonso "Al" Steele and Mary Virginia "Mollie" Blackman were married in Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana at the home of Mollie's grandparents, James Luther and Henrietta Smith.  Officiating the ceremony was Reverend T. H. McClendon.  J. D. Usher, Clay W. Fairbanks and John Henry Knight were listed as witnesses.

Al and Mollie Steele were my paternal great grandparents through their daughter, Mary Allye Steele Edmonds and their grandson, Bruce Alfonso Edmonds.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday - Mary Lois Bynum

Mary Lois Bynum

Born on July 28, 1921

Daughter of 
James Benjamin Bynum and Annie Jane Sumrall

Sister to
John Buel, Minnie Francis, Narvel Houston, Thomas Terrell, Robert Earl,
Bertha Rebecca, Annie Roberta, Bessie Lee Anna, Nancy Arella, 
Daniel Gordon, Howard Ben and Margaret Evelyn Bynum

Wife of
Dewey Paul Robinson

Mother to
Linda Lois, David Paul and Gregory Wayne Robinson

Died on November 28, 2003
Buried in Greenoaks Memorial Park
Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

Tombstone photograph was taken by FindAGrave member, Bobby.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Alfonso Steele - Survivor of Famous Fight

The following article appeared in the April 28, 1911 edition of the Perrysburg Journal in Perrysburg, Ohio:

Alfonso Steele was my 3great grandfather through his son, Francis Marion "Frank" Steele; grandson, Isham Alfonso Steele; great granddaughter, Mary Allye Steele Edmonds; great-great grandson, Bruce Alfonso Edmonds.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday's Obituary - Donald John McIver

Hattiesburg American - 9/30/1972

Donald John McIver was born in North Carolina on October 16, 1880 to the marriage of Evander Wilder McIver and Lucy Blaylock.  As a young man, Donald moved to Mississippi with his father.  They were later joined by his stepmother, Lillie Tufford and half sisters and brothers, Robert Lee, Arabelle Philips, Minnie, Flora Jane and Matthew Ranson.  Two other half-siblings were born after the move to Mississippi; Ludie Emaline and Coy Howard McIver.

Donald married Amanda Elizabeth McCraney circa 1928.  Amanda was born on June 21, 1905 to the marriage of John Malcomb McCraney and Eloise Green of Pearl River County, Mississippi.

The following children were born to Donald and Amanda McIver:
Donnie, 1929-2001 (m. Charles Ray Rester)
John Evander, 1932-2001 (m/d. Joyce Holmes)
Elizabeth "Betty", 1936 (m. Terria Elton Bond)
Ruth, 1941 (m. Darold K. Pritchard)
Donald John McIver died on September 29, 1972 and Amanda Elizabeth McCraney McIver died on March 7, 1994.  Both are buried in the New Bethel Church Cemetery in Pearl River County, Mississippi.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Surname Saturday - Edmonds

The surname Edmonds is an Anglo-Saxon name, patronymic for Edmund. According to The Edmonds DNA Project website, the name Edmonds was derived from the personal name Eadmund, which was formed from the old English words ead meaning prosperity and riches and mund meaning protector.

John Edmonds, born in Wales circa 1716, is believed to be my first Edmonds ancestor to arrive in America.  It is further believed that he married and settled in Jamestown, Virginia.  He would have been the father to my fifth great grandfather, Francis Edmonds who was born circa 1736.


After further research, I cannot confirm that John Edmonds of Wales was my ancestor.  There have been no records found of a John Edmonds living in Jamestown, Virginia; an area that is well documented.  Also, there have been no records found showing a Francis Edmonds/Edmunds living in that area of Virginia.  There is a possibility that Francis Edmonds was born in Maryland and moved to Halifax County, Virginia prior to 1768 as noted by Virginia Land Office Patent 37, 1767-1768, page 261.

Francis Edmonds - 1768 Land Office Patent 37

According to the research of Francis Edmonds' descendant, Vivian Cates, the second record of Francis Edmonds is found in Halifax County Deed Book 8, page 225, dated June 20, 1771.  Deed of James Bailey, buyer, and Francis Edmunds, seller, to 150 acres on the Banister River in Halifax County, Virginia.

At some point prior to 1795, Francis Edmonds and family migrated to Georgia. The 1795 tax records for Wilkes County, Georgia list Francis Edmonds as a landowner.

The will of Francis Edmonds was signed on February 16, 1795 and probated on July 9, 1799.  This is the first documentation I have found which states the name of Francis' wife as Rachel.  Also listed are the children born to the marriage of Francis and Rachel.
Page 214--EDMUNDS, FRANCIS. To wife Rachel the land whereon I now live and half the land bought of Benj. Palmer, all personal estate for life or widowhood. To son Richard 167 1/2 acres on Newford creek. To son William the other half of the land whereon I live, and 40 acres bought of Jonas Moore. To son John at wife's death the land loaned to her. All slaves to be divided between all children, to-wit, Catherine, Richard, Mary, John, William, Dolly, and Eloi Edmunds, and Ann Dixon, Sally McClendon, and Elizabeth Bailey. Wife Rachel and son William, Excrs. Signed Feb. 16, 1795. Probated July 9, 1799. Azariah Bailey, Josiah Stovall, Hartwell Jackson, Test.
Source:  The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at MaconGA
Francis Edmonds is named in the 1808 Wilkes County, Georgia court records where a son named William sold 140 acres to Bolling Anthony.  This land was a portion of a much larger area which was originally sold to Francis Edmonds by Solomon Palmer on February 5, 1795.  Francis later willed this portion to William Edmonds and another portion to John Edmonds.

The 1808 Wilkes County, Georgia court record is the second piece of documentation I have found which names Rachel as the wife of Francis Edmonds.  Her maiden name is still unknown.

My Edmonds line descends through John, son of Francis and Rachel Edmonds, who married Winifred Buckner.  Winifred was the daughter of Anthony Thomas Buckner and Amey Powell.  

John and Winifred's son, Anthony Edmonds (ca.1780- ca.1849) was my third great grandfather.  He and his wife, Keziah, are believed to have been married circa 1809.  They had the following children:
Reuben Buckner, 1810-1866 (m. Miriam Kennedy)
James Powell, 1812-1864 (m. Rebecca Snow)
William A., 1814-1902 (m. Mary Frances Appling)
Frances Matilda, 1817-1887 (m. Silas Weaver Gresham)
Amy Elizabeth, 1818-?
Pittman R., 1819-1864 (m. Elizabeth Malone)
James Powell Edmonds was my great-great grandfather.