Saturday, August 23, 2014

Surname Saturday - Chisum

According to author Clifford R. Caldwell in his book, 'John Simpson Chisum: Cattle King of the Pecos Revisited', the Chisum surname originated in the parish of Roberton, Roxburghshire, England.  The different spelling variations include Cheesome, Chisholm, Chissolm, Chisholme, Chism, Chisolm, Chisum and Chissum.

In tracing my Chisum lineage, I discovered that Richard Cheesome was most likely my first ancestor to arrive in America.  Richard was born circa 1613 in London and arrived in America in 1643.

Family historians believe that Richard Cheesome married Margaret Isham.  The Isham surname has been passed down through the generations, lending credence to this belief.

My connection to this line of Chisums is through Richard and Margaret's son, James Chisholm (ca. 1657-ca. 1698) and his wife, Anne Carter (ca. 1657-ca. 1684).

My lineage is as follows:

Richard Cheesome (m. Margaret Isham)
+James Chisholm (m. Anne Carter)
++John Chisum, 1681-ca. 1734 (m. Elizabeth Bradley, ca. 1683-ca. 1777)
+++John Chisum, 1704-1792 (m. Ellender Gillentine, 1716-1804)
++++John Chisum, 1732-1806 (m. Margaret Chisum, ca. 1750-1798)*
+++++Elijah Kaufman Chisum, 1773-1860 (m. Elizabeth Walling, 1768-1841)*
++++++Isham Russell Chisum, 1812-1861 (m. Mary Polly Walling, 1820-1891)*
+++++++Lucinda Chisum, 1846-1897 (m. Francis Marion Steele, 1847-1883)
++++++++Isham Alfonso Steele, 1870-1934 (m. Mary Blackman, 1876-1945)
+++++++++Mary Allye Steele, 1900-1969 (m. Bruce Edmonds, 1904-1974)
++++++++++Bruce A. Edmonds, 1927-2002 (m. Mildred Bynum, 1926-2012)


Margaret Chisum is believed to have been the great, great granddaughter of Richard Cheesome and Margaret Isham through their other son, William (ca. 1650-ca. 1697); grandson, Alexander (ca. 1677-?); great grandson, William (ca. 1722-ca. 1792) and his wife, Deborah Cooke (ca. 1723-ca. 1762).

Elizabeth Walling was a sister to Mary Polly Walling's grandfather, John Walling Sr.

Elizabeth Walling was my 4th great grandmother through her son Isham Russell Chisum.

John Walling, Sr. was my 5th great grandfather through his granddaughter Mary Polly Walling.

The connections within the Chisum and Walling families are many.  I will attempt to address my Walling line in a future post.

Historical Southern Families, Vol. XVII
John Simpson Chisum: Cattle King of the Pecos Revisited, Clifford R. Caldwell


  1. Very interesting. I believe you may be related to my family from wisner.

  2. Very interesting. I believe that you are related to my family in wisner.