Sunday, May 26, 2013

Church Record Sunday - Ladies Bible Class, 1963

Ladies Bible Class, Prentiss Baptist Church, Prentiss MS - 1963
My maternal grandmother, Flora Jane McIver Bynum is standing on the back row, second from the left.  Below is a list of members in attendance when the photograph was taken as well as a list of members who were absent.

Meet with Mrs. Bourne - October 27, 1963

Front Row (LtoR):
Mrs. ? Luper
Mrs. G. Mincher
Miss Lena Sutton
Mrs. Elizabett Bourne

Back Row (LtoR):
Mrs. Tressie Holloway
Mrs. John Bynum
Mrs. Cora Mathison
Mrs. Annie Farr
Mrs. Mollie Polk
Mrs. Mazsie Brady
Mrs. Lola Cautsey ?
Mrs. Fey Lathon
Mrs. Mable Fostenbery
Mrs. Fern Hartzag (teacher)

Not in picture:
Miss Etta Polk
Miss Ada Foster
Miss Lizzie Clark
Miss Eleanor Holloway
Miss Floria Hough
Miss Marie Sutton
Miss Etta Mickell

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