Thursday, May 30, 2013

Annie Jane Sumrall (1876-1950)

Annie Jane Sumrall was born in Sumrall, Lamar County, Mississippi on March 13, 1876.  She was the fourth of twelve children born to the marriage of Daniel L. Sumrall and Mary Rebecca Pouncey.

Annie was a sister to William Thomas, Mary Elizabeth, Frances, Mary Margaret, Daniel Peter, Lillie, Berry Erastus, Earl Bethea, Hattie, Addie and Allie Mae Sumrall.

On December 29, 1894, Annie Jane Sumrall married James Benjamin "Ben" Bynum in Lamar County, Mississippi.

 Children born to this marriage were:
John Buel
Minnie Francis
Narvel Houston
Thomas Terrell
Robert Earl
Bertha Rebecca
Annie Roberta
Bessie Lee Anna
Nancy Arella
Daniel Gordon
Howard Ben
Margaret Evelyn
Mary Lois
Annie was my mother's paternal grandmother.  My mother often talked about "Big Granny" and how much she loved to visit her grandparents.  As the family would load up to make the journey home, my mother would stick her head out of the car and tell Big Granny she was hungry.  Big Granny would take her back to the kitchen for something to eat.  My mother's sister, Lois, said they all called my mom "the big gluten" but Big Granny always called her "my good seed."

I share a birthday with my great grandmother, Annie.  My grandfather, John Buel Bynum referenced this in a letter he sent to me back in 1967.

Letter from my grandfather, John Bynum, referencing Big Granny

Annie Jane Sumrall Bynum passed from this life on November 24, 1950.  She is buried alongside her husband in the Military Baptist Church Cemetery in Sumrall, Lamar County, Mississippi.

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