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Mary Rebecca Pouncey (1852-1941)

Dan and Becky Pouncey Sumrall

Mary Rebecca "Becky" Pouncey was born in Clark County, Alabama on October 22, 1852 to the marriage of Peter Alexander Pouncey and Mary Harbin. 

Following the death of Becky's mother in 1856, her father married a second time to Matilda J. Burch.

The 1860 census shows the family living in Ward 3, Caldwell Parish, Louisiana.

On December 3, 1868, Mary Rebecca Pouncey married Daniel Sumrall in Perry County, Mississippi.
The following children were born to the marriage of Becky and Dan Sumrall:
William Thomas, 1869-1938 (m. Minnie Bryant)
Mary Elizabeth, 1871-1910
Frances C., 1873-1934 (m. Allen M. Patterson)
Annie Jane, 1876-1950 (m. James Benjamin Bynum)
Mary Margaret, 1879-1940 (m. Sheppard H. Herrin)
Daniel Peter, 1881-1892
Lillie L., 1883-1903 (m. Palmer Herrin)
Berry Erastus, 1885-1901
Earl Bethea, 1888-1959 (m. Nancy Almeda Rutland)
Hattie R., 1891-1961 (m. Yates H. Watkins)
Addie I., 1893-1985 (m. Wiley King)
Allie Mae, 1896-1984 (m. Louis Robertson)
Annie Jane Sumrall Bynum's family called Becky "Little Granny."  One family story tells of Little Granny visiting her daughter, Annie (known as "Big Granny").

While the women were cooking in an open fireplace, a black bear approached the outside of the fireplace.  The bear was able to remove pieces of the mortar in his search for the food.  The women and children watched as the bear's progress opened a big hole.  Little Granny grabbed a red hot fire poker and stuck it to the bear's nose, causing the bear to run for the woods.

Mary Rebecca Pouncey Sumrall passed from this life on January 31, 1941.  She is buried alongside her husband in the Dan Sumrall Cemetery in Sumrall, Lamar County, Mississippi.

Sweet be thy sleep
On that ever golden shore, we will meet to part no more

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