Friday, May 30, 2014

Hampton Steele Organizes Native Sons of Texas

Portal to Texas History

An excerpt from a speech delivered on Steele Day at Joe Johnston Camp by Hampton Steele as it appeared in the August 27, 1923 edition of the Mexia Daily News in Mexia, Texas:

"Myself, the oldest son of the last survivor of the battle of San Jacinto and his grandson and his great grandson have procured a charter from the State of Texas to organize the Native Sons of Texas in a grand organization in memory of Fannin's men who were slaughtered on the plains of Goliad! and, in memory of Sam Houston and his brave army who gained our independence on the plains of San Jacinto! and in memory of our father whose blood was spilt on San Jacinto's plains for the liberties of Texas! in memory of the old pioneers and the little boys and girls who went to the front and drove the Indians back for civilization to follow."
"That's what we want to organize the Native Sons of Texas for. To perpetuate those memories to hand it down to future generations.  Our plan that we have laid out for the future when we get funds enough is to buy a piece of land somewhere in the State and make a park and we will call it Steele Park and home and we will dedicate it to the Native Sons of Texas for all time to come."

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