Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Visit to the Dan Sumrall Historic Cemetery

The Dan Sumrall Cemetery is located in Sumrall, Lamar County, Mississippi. On a recent trip to the area, my daughter and I visited the cemetery to view the tombstones and pay our respects to ancestors long since passed.

Two of those ancestors were my maternal great-great grandparents, Daniel Sumrall and Mary Rebecca "Becky" Pouncey.  The town and this small historic cemetery were named after Daniel Sumrall.

From an earlier post...

On December 3, 1868, Daniel Sumrall married Mary Rebecca Pouncey.  Dan and Becky settled in a portion of Marion County that later became Lamar County.
Prior to 1874, Dan purchased a grist mill, cotton gin and farm belonging to Arthur Lott.  He later added a store and established the Sumrall post office in the store.
When the community incorporated there was opposition to naming the community and post office Sumrall due to Dan's service in the Union Army.
The Post Master General refused to change the name of the post office and issued Order 48 in 1892 stating that the name of post offices should be the same as the towns and railway stations to prevent confusion in mail delivery.  In 1903, the incorporated community was named Sumrall.
Children born to the marriage of Daniel Sumrall and Mary Rebecca "Becky" Pouncey were:

William Thomas "Tom", 1869-1938; m. Sarah Minnie Bryant, 1866-1948

Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie", 1871-1910 

Frances C. "Fanny", 1873-1934; m. Allen M. Patterson, 1872-1934

Annie Jane, 1876-1950; m. James Benjamin Bynum, 1875-1941

Mary Margaret "Maggie", 1879-1940; m. Sheppard H. Herrin, 1875-1945

Daniel Peter "Pete", 1881-1892

Lilly L., 1883-1903; m. Palmer "Plumer" Herrin, 1877-1904

Berry Erastus "Raz", 1885-1901

Earl Bethea, 1888-1959; m. Nancy Almeda "Nannie" Rutland, 1893-1979

Hattie, 1891-1961; m. Yates H. Watkins, 1878-1962

Addie, 1893-1985; m. Wiley William King, 1891-1943

Allie Mae, 1896-1984; m. Louis Robertson, 1891-1968

All but Tom, Annie, Maggie and Earl are buried in the Dan Sumrall Historic Cemetery.

Daniel and Becky Pouncey Sumrall
Daniel Sumrall Military Marker

Mary Elizabeth Sumrall

Frances C, "Fanny" Sumrall Patterson

Daniel P. Sumrall

Lilly Sumrall Herrin

Berry Erastus "Raz" Sumrall

Hattie Sumrall Watkins

Addie Sumrall King

Allie Mae Sumrall Robertson

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