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Bynum Woods in Central Louisiana

Hattiesburg American - 8/27/1940

Jesse Atherton Bynum

Born on May 23, 1797
Northampton County, North Carolina

Son of
Turner Bynum and Mary Atherton

Brother to
Turner, Jr., Francis Atherton, Elizabeth, Emily, Drury/Drewry,
Wade Hampton and Jeptha Atherton Bynum

Husband of
Maria Funston
Emeline Bray*

Died on September 23, 1868
Buried in the Rapides Cemetery
Pineville, Rapides Parish, Louisiana

Photograph by FindAGrave member, Thomas Fisher

Jesse Atherton Bynum attended Princeton College where he studied law. Following his studies, he practiced law in Halifax County, North Carolina and was a member of the House of Commons of North Carolina in 1823, 1824 and 1827-1830.  In 1833 he was elected as a Democrat to the 23rd Congress where he served three more terms; ending in 1841.  

He married his first wife, Maria Funston in 1835 while still living in Washington. Maria died eighteen months after their marriage.

Towards the end of his last term in Congress, Jesse Atherton Bynum made the decision to retire from public life and move to Rapides Parish, Louisiana.  It was in Rapides Parish where he met the widow of Sterling Bray, Emeline Bray*.  Her maiden name is believed by some to be Gill.  They married on June 28, 1839.

No children were born to either marriage.

Jesse Atherton Bynum's 3great grandfather, John (b. ca. 1616), was my 8great grandfather.

Our Bynum lineage is as follows:

John (1616)
>John (1664)
>>William (1690)
>>>Drury (1725)
>>>>Turner (1753)
>>>>>Jesse Atherton (1797)

John (1616)
>James (1660)
>>James (1690)
>>>William (1728)
>>>>Old William (1763)


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