Thursday, July 4, 2013

Friday's Faces from the Past - Loftin Brothers

Robert and Billy Loftin - 1928 White, McCurtain County, Oklahoma
This photograph belonged to my great grand aunt, Lena Rhoda Steele McLelland.  After several failed attempts to connect these Loftin brothers to my Steele family, I decided to research the McLelland family line.

Here is the connection I discovered...

  • Lena's husband, James A. "Jim" McLelland, had a sister named Louisa Delilah.  
  • Louisa Delilah married Samuel Reuben Loftin
  • Louisa Delilah and Samuel Reuben had a son, William A. "Willie" Loftin, born in 1882
  • Willie married Emma Love
  • Robert and Billy were the sons of Willie and Emma Loftin
  • Dr. Robert Love Loftin, 1913-1991 (m. Willodene Alfrey)
  • Lt. Col. William Able Loftin, Jr., 1915-1969 (m. Doris Thomas)

Two months after posting this photograph in my tree, I received the following:
"This made my day.  Robert was the love of my life.  He was a caring physician and the kindest, loving person that anyone could imagine.  A true southern gentleman.  Losing him still leaves a huge void."

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