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Mystery Monday - In Search of Information on Henrietta's Parents

My Mystery Monday post centers around locating the parents of one of my paternal 3-great grandmothers, Henrietta who married James Luther Smith.

Family notes and stories handed down state that Henrietta's full name was Henrietta Francoise D'Glando/DeGlando, born in New Orleans, Louisiana on September 29, 1836.
Henrietta's Tombstone

Henrietta's tombstone confirms her date of birth. 

Henrietta's Mother:
  • Given name was Cathrine/Catherine/Catharine
  • Born December 15, 1802
  • Believed to have arrived in New Orleans as a young girl from Wurttemberg, Germany with a couple by the name of Herzer
  • Believed to have worked as a governess/tutor upon arriving in New Orleans
  • Married 1) D'Glando/DeGlando, ca 1836; 2) Lytle, ca 1842; 3) B. Fuller/Fullar, aft 1842
  • Children were Henrietta from marriage 1; James from marriage 2
  • 1850 census shows a Catharine Fuller living with husband 3 and children, Henrietta and James in Carrollton, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana
  • 1860 census shows a C. Fuller living with her daughter, Henrietta and family in Black River, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana
  • Buried in the Old Pine Hill Cemetery next to her daughter, Henrietta.
  • Date of death - December 2, 1878
1850 Census
1860 census

Cathrine's tombstone

Henrietta's Father:
  • Surname was D'Glando/DeGlando
  • Searches for D'Glando/DeGlando in New Orleans return no results  
  • 1900 census shows the birthplace of Henrietta's father as Canada; mother's birthplace as Mississippi (?)
  • Through searches of name variations, I discovered a Francois DeGlandon in New Orleans for the correct time frame.  However, upon contacting DeGlandon descendants, there is no evidence of a marriage to a Cathrine or of a daughter named Henrietta
  • Searches of Canadian records lead directly back to Francois DeGlandon; with no results for D'Glando/DeGlando

1900 Census

Other Avenues Researched:
  • Henrietta's birth certificate - no record found
  • Henrietta's marriage to James Luther Smith in New Orleans - no record found
  • Marriage records for Cathrine - no records found for three marriages
  • Surname Herzer - Connected with descendant of a Herzer couple who arrived in New Orleans in 1830.  Obtained a copy of the ship manifest but no mention of a Cathrine.
  • Surname Lytle - No given name found for spouse of Cathrine.  However, two of James Lytle's children were shown on the 1900 census living with James' half-sister, Henrietta and her family in Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana. 
  • Surname Fuller/Fullar - No given name found for spouse of Cathrine; only initial B. from 1850 census

I am open to any suggestions anyone might have that would assist me in discovering Cathrine's maiden name and the actual name of Henrietta's father.

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