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Laura Smith (1864-1943)

Laura Smith was born in Whelen Springs, Clark County, Arkansas on November 30, 1864.  She was the daughter of Dr. Willis S. Smith and Mary Elizabeth Atkins.

On April 30, 1885 Laura married William Newell Edmonds.  The marriage ceremony was conducted by Squire J. H. Cooper of Gurdon, Arkansas

Present besides the family were the following witnesses:
Tom Famhaugh of Gurdon, Arkansas
Jeff Parker of Waldo, Arkansas

The following children were born to the marriage of Laura Smith and William Newell Edmonds:
Mary T., 1886-1887
William Adonis, 1887-1942; m. Iola Mamie Smith
Willis Powell, 1888-1964; m. Bessie Lee Farley
Samuel Jackson, 1890-1944; m. Maude S. Calhoun
Fannie Pearl, 1891-1965; m. Arthur Halsell
Paul, 1893-1894
Silas, 1894-1954
Alphonso Hilliard "Punch", 1896-1972; m. 1. Nettie Gladys Taylor; 2. Flossie ?
James Thomas, 1898-1958; m. 1. Minnie ?; 2. Jessie Mae ?
Charles Douglas "Charlie", 1900-1982; m. Ruth Crouch
Bruce, 1904-1974; m. Mary Allye Steele
Martha Rebecca, 1907-1969; m. 1. Grover C. Smith; 2. Lesley James Coulter; 3. V. L. Sandifer
Dates of birth from the family Bible:

Dates of death from the family Bible:

Laura Smith Edmonds passed from this life on March 17, 1943.  She is buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery in Sycamore, Clark County, Arkansas.

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